Eric J. Herrholz

Long time MMA/Boxing Combat Sport Enthusiast, Trainer, Corner, Promoter, Announcer, and current Matchmaker.  Eric’s experience began back in 1990 and has became quite the journey. Originally coming to the rescue of many mismanaged organizations, their lack of basic show knowledge and need for direction. Eric J. Herrholz was a pioneer into the simulcasting delay and broadcast translation streaming during many PPV events throughout the world.

Elvis Sinosic

 A true contributor to the combat sports community, he is just following an organic path to successful journalism. Elvis Sinosic is a retired Australian professional mixed martial artist. While he is perhaps best known for his seven-fight stint in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he has also competed in the Cage Rage Championships, K-1, and Pancrase. 

 His knowledge is from the perspective few other journalists can give ..... INSIDE THE CAGE .... DOOR LOCKED.... BELL RANG .... ARM RAISED! 

Stu Petersen

Stu Petersen is advisor and legal council to Fight TV. An avid fight fan, Stu knows legalese inside and outside the ring.

When Stu's not working he's working out, as the official Fight.TV kegmeister.

Anthony Marsella

I'Vice President Of Operations and Professional Boxer Holding An Undisputed Title. 


Anthony brings to FIGHT.TV the true inside view from the competitors standpoint. 


 He knows what it takes to grind out the months of camp to enter the square ring and hear the bell ring.  Get his hand raised and a belt around his waist. 

 The CHAMP flexes his intellect inside and outside the ring on FIGHT.TV me. It's easy

Mahmudul Hasan

Content Journalist under study. Young self-starting motivated team player who is a bit tech-savvy as well as ready to FIGHT for Combat Sports TV exposure in your nation!

Mahmudul Hasan brings to FIGHT.TV the true inside view from the competitor's standpoint. 


Standing 8 Count
October 2010

 The first show to put a pro verse a fan. Standing 8 Count By FIGHT.TV pioneered the way for other shows.   Many spouses of combat sports fans wrote in hopes of seeing their signifigant other get TKFO !

December 2018

“The Foreclosure Story.” The story is based on true-life events of a young man, Eric, whose uncanny knack in business garners the attention of the ...

 Keeping one foot out of the grave and the other a step ahead of the ..

November 2012

ACSLIVE.TV brings you the Best of Amateur MMA Fights and MMA Videos you may never have seen before. These MMA Fights are part of the FIGHT.TV Mission to supply the Best Amateur MMA Fights to the World. We Are FIGHT.TV.

December 2008

Seeing the need to broadcast to the originators of LUTA LIBRE... 

Eric J. Herrholz launched a successful broadcasting partnership in Brasil.

June 2008

 Going from VHS to DVD per say or so to speak. The FIGHT.TV crew was created from the need to have videographers on call to cover events for Combat Sports. Soon the tech advance saw us as the pioneer of live streaming.

 Are you wanting to know more about FIGHT.TV ? 

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