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Bringing the fight with you has never been this easy! Thanks to the FIGHT.TV app you can browse, watch, and follow all the fight news any time any where.


FIGHT TV Round 1

Round 1

FIGHT.TV Round 1 lets you bring the brawl on the go! Any time any where, just take out your phone, select a fighter, then take your opponent DOWN! With a variety of fighters and the world as your cage, show them all who the champ on the streets really is! FIGHT.TV Round 1!


Call Out

CALL OUT friends and other fans to CHAT UP your favorite fighter, promotion, #NewChamp and so much more. Now a place you can go before, during or after the show and CONNECT with many others on a Cyber-Secure Chat Platform That TKOs all the competition! FIGHT.TV Call out!



You see the amazing physiques of the combat sports community. From the corner to the competitor.
Now you to can get that AS SEEN ON FIGHT.TV Physique. This FIGHT.TV Fitness App covers the beginner to the most advanced athlete. Get the app and designate your level so we can get you to the next one.

Scraps Book Game App

Lets You Share WHO WHAT WHEN AND WHERE you have been, on the COMBAT SPORTS Journey.
Either a fighter or just an avid fan THIS APP IS THE PLAN you need to Succeed With SCRAPS BOOK from FIGHT.TV!

Scraps Book

Sports Doctor

Sports Doctor

No need to wait, or hesitate... get important medical information on-the-spot, in your corner or on the mat with this mobile sport doctor. FIGHT.TV for your Sports Medical needs!

 BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

FIGHT.TV's BMI Calculator will help you get the results of a champion! With information to help you achieve your fitness goals based off YOUR BMI! Be Healthy, Stay healthy with FIGHT.TV BMI!

Translation App


 From Fight.TV, as easy as 1, 2, 3, translate it for free! A fighter will cross countries, and even continents, to meet their match. Fans come from all over the globe to see the world's most epic fights. Fight TV now makes it possible for fighters and fans to communicate across cultures, languages, and dialects!


FIGHT.TV TKO is a brand new way to get your game on in the streets! Set it up, hunt down the characters, and beef up you fight game! FIGHT.TV TKO!

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