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3 Favorite UFC Submission Wins

3. Frank Mir VS Brock Lesnar - UFC 81

When Brock Lesnar first came into the UFC he was quickly making a name for himself. People joked around about him coming from WWE but forgot he was a collegiate champion wrestler. Joe Rogan wouldn't stop talking about how huge he was and the UFC had to make custom gloves for his hands. Mir attacked Lesnar's legs very quick after getting a flurry of punches, and won via kneebar in the first round. People were shocked and Brock was so upset that he made sure to get a rematch.

2. Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen - UFC 148

This Silva V Sonnen battle was at the peak of both their primes. Sonnen was a top contender and Silva was the middleweight champion. Chael Sonnen dominated Anderson Silva the first 4 rounds. Out striking and out grappling, everyone was sure Silva was going to lose his towards the end of the fight. With only 30 seconds left, Silva managed to get one of his famous triangle chokes in and got the win.

1. Chan Sung VS Leonardo Garcia - UFC Fight Night 24

If you do jiujitsu and 10th planet especially, then you know how hard it is to pull a twister submission off. It's basically just a really fancy neck crank, but it's not a easy position to get someone in. You have to have someone in a grapevine with their arm trapped under you. with your arms clasped around their head, reverse grip style. There's significantly more easier submissions to pull off before you try to slap a twister on someone. That didn't stop The Korean Zombie - Chan Sung. He saw the best opportunity for it and went right to it. The first person ever in UFC history to win via twister.


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