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65 Reasons Why Butterbean Is Dat Boi

65 wins via knockout! Butterbean has a total fight record of 97-24-5. That's a 76% win rate among professional Boxing and MMA that spanned almost 20 years. My favorite thing about butterbean is how he would get mad and tell people to hit him and then just stonefaced walk forward into their punches and then slobberknock them with hooks once they were committed.

If corn-fed country boy had a place in the dictionary, you'd see Butterbean somewhere in there as a reference. The dude didn't have an easy home life and as a young adult got involved in tough man competitions and eventually combat sports. His total record including street fights is unknown. Holy crap, imagine pissing off a haybale totin' hoss in his prime out there mad sweating at the job site. You know Butterbean's gotta have some stories like this.

Butterbean was the dude who regardless of whether you won or lost against him, fighting the man sucked. You could tell for all his opponents, fighting butterbean was it's own kind of hell. The man has since relinquished combat sports athletes from his wrath around the mid 2010's doing various bouts until 2014. Since leaving the combat sports scene he's made lot's of media appearances and now freelances, semi-retired probably daily laughs about all the people he's knocked out.


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