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95 years since Tunney retired

World heavyweight champion Gene Tunney, who successfully defended his title at the Yankee Stadium four days previously against Tom Heeney of New Zealand, formally announced his retirement from the ring today in 1928 over an afternoon lunch with friends and newspaper men. It's been 95 years since then.

"There is no contender at the present time who appears capable of attracting real public interest," he said. "If there were I might delay my retirement long enough to face him in the ring, but it looks as if it might take two or three years before a dangerous opponent is developed. That is too long to stand and wait."

- Gene Tunney

Undefeated as a heavyweight, with only one loss (to the great Harry Greb), 30-year-old Tunney cut his losses and walked away for good with a record of 79-1-4 (50 KO) with 1 no contest. Great record to go with.


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