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Having shined in his amateur fights and in the Olimpics, Gennady Golovkin gradually became one of the most feared professional boxers in the world.

GGG had a ruff upbringing which he doesn't speak out about often.

Golovkin had revealed that it was his two brothers who inspired him to pursue a career in boxing.

"Sergey and Vadim, of course, they were like my heroes, like any older brother is,"

"We would watch Mike Tyson fights, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. Amateur boxers from Russia.

"Even if I didn't like fighting, I loved watching it. And we'd always talk about the fights.

"'Did you see that? Did you see this punch?

"And I'd think, OK, that guy, he's same size as me. He's right handed, like me. So I'd go into the gym and try those moves as well.

I see a lot of negative comments saying GGG is one of the most overrated fighters of this generation but personally I think he is an amazing fighter. Respectful but aggressive come forward style. He is never in a boring fight and has a record of knockouts in title fights in the middleweight division. He is one of the greats in the middleweight division for sure, his carreer was short but great, de still dont know if he is retired or not until he makes it official.


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