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Adesanya Unimpressed by Brunson's UFC Win

The thrilling, action-packed, and exciting chapter of the UFC, UFC 36, has come to an end - with the end of this chapter putting some questions and concerns for the future of the UFC. As in the main card of UFC Vegas 36, Brunson vs. Till, in which Brunson achieved his victory. However, UFC middleweight champion Israel's Adesanya - was not affected by the victory over Darren Till.

Brunson, who continued his four-fight winning streak to the UFC Vegas 36 headliner, used his professionalism to create countless takedowns, heavy ground and pounds, and a final third-round submission.

Cut to the end. Following his victory, Brunson announced that he would look forward to another meeting with the title shot and "Last Style Bender."

Adesanya and Brunson fought in UFC 230 in 2018. And Adesnaya eliminated Brunson through the first round of TKO.

After Brunson's victory on Saturday, Adesanya used social media to send a message to the experienced contestant. Despite Brunson's five-fight victory, Adesanya can't believe he's better than he was three years ago when they first met.

Calm down, boy, "Adesanya wrote." You're still a son. " Adesanya, who has held a 10-0 record at 185 pounds since his UFC debut in 2018, defendes his title against Marvin Vettori in June. The "Last Style Bender" is expected to meet Robert Whitaker next time in the UFC, but if he wins - there's a good chance he'll be back in 2022 with Brunson.

The question is, does Adesanya really consider Brunson to be inferior? If this match happens, will history repeat itself or will Brunson change history this time?


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