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Fans question Adrien Broner's physique ahead of his upcoming fight

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Adrien 'The Problem' Broner shared a workout video of himself exercising on Thanksgiving, and he appears slow and obese for his first fight of a 12-month, three-fight, eight-figure contract with BLK Prime.

Broner, 33, had a large belly, making it appear as if he'd eaten an entire 25-pound turkey along with the pies on Thanksgiving.

Broner is looking so slow that it's difficult to imagine him winning a fight at 140 or 147 pounds, which is bad news for BLK Prime because they're paying him big bucks.

It's unclear if Broner has been training since announcing his eight-figure deal with BLK Prime a month ago, as he doesn't appear to have visited a gym in a long time.

If this is Broner's condition after a month of hard work, he will need to employ a nutritionist to aid him with his diet and have someone patrol his refrigerator night and day to prevent him from sneaking snacks.

If the former four-division world champion Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) wants to win any of his three fights with BLK Prime, he'll need to reduce a lot of weight and improve his hand speed since he's too slow, even for the 147-pound class.

For the purpose of BLK Prime, an early exit provision is required in case Broner bombs out in his first bout in their 12-month contract with him, as the last thing they want is for him to lose all three fights.

If BLK Prime permits Broner to fight only horrifically bad opposition in all three of his fights with them over the next 12 months, he might be able to finish his contract without getting beaten repeatedly.

Broner's last clear victory was six years ago in 2016, and he's not going to change that at this point in his career. It makes no difference if Broner becomes in great shape. He's too old and has lost too much hand speed to compete at any weight class, let alone 147.


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