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Akeem McAfee is the New Island Fights Middleweight Champion

Akeem McAfee MMA
Akeem McAfee MMA

Fight.TV had the chance to chat with up and coming Akeem McAfee who is fighting out of Crestview, Florida. The Emerald Coast is home to Fight.TV along with many world class fighters such as Akeem.

Akeem has an amateur fight record of 10-4 and is coming off a 2 year hiatus. We've watched him grow as a fighter, so it's incredible to watch the Island Fights 185 title get won by him. Akeem has his eyes set on going pro soon after a handful more amateur bouts. He's already ranked in at the number 9 Middleweight in the SouthEastern U.S amateur MMA per Tapology Regional Rankings.

Read with us and see what kind of inspiration and tips you can get from this up and coming fighter.

Where are you training out of?

•Gracie barra Crestview is team I had my fight camp with

What is your training routine?

•honestly same 2-5 hours depending on what we're doing for training on that day

How long have you been training in combat sports now?

•11 years now

Who would you like to one day compete against?

•honestly Francis Ngannou in a open weight super fight, my goal is to be known as the best in the world, not simply the best in my own weight class, make sense?

What got you into combat sports?

• honestly I just wanted to get paid doing something I had passion for

What kind of advice do you have for the young folks just now getting into the sport? For the people who want to become fighters themselves?

•train your ass off and get a much experience as possible. Also watch out for weak, parasite, or cult making coaches. They're a hindrance not a help.

Who are your biggest inspirations in fighters? Who are some of your favorites and other influences?

•Khabib, Jon jones, and Francis Ngannou are my favorite fighters. I guess as far as influences David goggins, and another guy whose name is leaving me for some reason.

It's been incredible watching Akeem win this title. After coming off a two year hiatus and knowing he's had some trouble in prior training camps. This is impressive. This is inspiring. This is everything Fight.TV loves to see!

Keep your eyes on Akeem McAfee, he's got some big fights coming soon!


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