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Alex Pereira almost punches his son after a prank gone wrong

Pranks with UFC stars are never going to end well. Alex Pereira, the former UFC middleweight champion, had a close call with his son, who tried to scare him with a prank. Pereira, who recently won his light-heavyweight debut against Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291, shared a video on his Instagram account, where he showed how his son jumped out of a dark corner and surprised him.

Pereira, who was not expecting the prank, reacted instinctively and prepared to throw a punch at his son, before the light was turned on. Pereira then realized that it was his son and scolded him for the prank. Pereira wrote on his caption that he had to post the video and that he found it funny, despite being annoyed by the prank.

Pereira is known for his knockout power, as he has finished 14 of his 21 MMA wins by KO or TKO. He also holds two knockout wins over Israel Adesanya, the current UFC middleweight champion, in kickboxing matches. Pereira lost his UFC middleweight title to Adesanya by knockout in April, in what was his first KO loss in MMA. He then moved up to light-heavyweight and defeated Blachowicz by split decision in July.

Pereira’s son was lucky that his father did not land the punch, as it could have been very dangerous. The prank was risky and could have ended badly for both of them. The video shows how Pereira’s son was wearing a black suit, which made it hard for Pereira to recognize him in the dark. The video also shows how Pereira’s son was scared and hid behind a couch after the prank.

The video has gone viral on social media, as many fans and fighters commented on it. Some found it hilarious and praised Pereira’s reflexes, while others criticized the prank and warned about the potential consequences.


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