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Alex Pereira Wants Trilogy With Israel Adesanya At Middleweight

Alex Pereira, the former UFC middleweight champion, has revealed his plans for a potential third fight with his rival Israel Adesanya. Pereira, who recently moved up to light heavyweight and defeated Jan Blachowicz by decision, said he wants to face Adesanya at 185 pounds again, where they are tied at one win each.

Pereira and Adesanya have a long history that dates back to their kickboxing days. They first met in 2016, when Pereira knocked out Adesanya in the first round of a Glory event. They had a rematch in 2017, when Adesanya avenged his loss by winning a unanimous decision.

The rivalry continued in the UFC, where both fighters became champions in their respective divisions. Pereira dethroned Adesanya in November 2020, when he landed a devastating left hook that sent Adesanya to the canvas in the second round. Adesanya bounced back in April 2021, when he regained his title by outpointing Pereira in a close and competitive fight.

Now, Pereira wants to settle the score once and for all with Adesanya at middleweight, where he believes he has the advantage. In an interview with MMA Fighting, Pereira explained why he prefers to fight Adesanya at 185 pounds rather than 205 pounds.

“Because in my mind we are 1-1 at middleweight. I won one at middleweight, Israel won the other one, so nothing more fair than making the trilogy at middleweight.”
Pereira also accused Adesanya of trying to change the terms of the contract for their third fight and demanded him to sign it by July 3 or he would move on.

“We agreed on all of that, and then you decided to move the goalposts yet again,” Pereira said. “Now you’re demanding that we fight at 185, or we’re not fighting at all. Like, what the fck is wrong with you? You’re meant to be the fighter!.. Constantly chatting bullsit left right and center. Tommy, you need to realize who the f*ck you’re talking to, I don’t need to do this. I don’t need to fight, I choose to fight… You have until Monday, 3rd of July, 6 PM to sign the contract or I’m moving on.”

It is unclear whether Adesanya has agreed to Pereira’s terms or not, but both fighters have expressed their interest in fighting each other again. Adesanya recently defended his middleweight title against Robert Whittaker in a rematch and said he is open to facing Pereira at either weight class.

“I’m always down for a trilogy,” Adesanya said after his win over Whittaker. “I don’t care what weight class it is. I’ll fight him at heavyweight if I have to. He’s a tough opponent and he always brings out the best in me.”

The trilogy between Pereira and Adesanya is one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history and will surely be a blockbuster event if it happens. Both fighters have proven their skills and power in their previous encounters and have shown respect for each other despite their rivalry.

Who do you think will win the third fight between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya? Do you agree with Pereira’s preference for fighting at middleweight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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