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Alexander Volkanovski down for Charles Oliveira's two-fight challenge.

Charles Oliveira hopes to dominate Islam Makhachev in the UFC 280 pay-per-view (PPV) main event on Saturday before facing Alex Volkanovski, the current featherweight champion, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for his first defence of the lightweight championship.

If "The Great" agrees, "Do Bronx" will repay the favour by challenging Volkanovski for the 145-pound title at UFC 284 a few weeks later. This will need quick turnaround for both parties and require the Brazilian phenom to travel to Perth, Western Australia.

“Mate, let’s do it,” Volkanovski told MMA Junkie. “If anyone could do it, it’s me. If he can get that done, let’s do it. Obviously I don’t know if it makes too much sense, but I’m down. I’m down for whatever.”

He continued, “I don’t know if that can even happen, but if they’re happy to do it, I’m happy to do it. It’s as simple as that.”

Volkanovski will participate as a backup for the title match between Makhachev and Oliveira. He anticipated being the next in line regardless of whether he steps in on Saturday, and has been given additional solace after listening Makhachev declare that he'd be open to fighting no.1 pound for pound in Australia.

“Seems like my next fight will definitely be the lightweight title,” Volkanovski said. “So that’s why I put myself in that position so let’s see what happens.”

All of this is meaningless until Oliveira defeats Makhachev at UFC 280, which is no easy task. Then, "Do Bronx" will need to be healthy and prepared to contest in time for UFC 283, which also seems doubtful logistically, and somehow persuade the promotion to count on a speedy comeback for both athletes in time for UFC 284.


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