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Amanda Serrano Beats Yamileth Mercado

Amanda Serrano, crowned the winner of 41 matches - with 30 of them from knockout continues to prove that she is one of the best female boxers on the planet as she won the decisive match against Emilia Mercado in Cleveland on Sunday night.

For half of the match, the two fighters fought hard and inflicted heavy blows on each other, and there was hardly a moment when the noise of the spectators subsided and the two fighters rained punches and punches on each other.

Mercado fought hard in the first half of the fight, but continued pressure and volume from Serrano continued to defeat her. When the fight was in the final round, Serrano was just aiming and firing while Mercado was trying her best to stay on her feet.

The win takes Serrano 41-1-1 overall and she is already thinking about a future showdown with another rising star in the boxing game.

When it ended, the three judges voted Serrano with scores of 97-93, 98-92 and 99-91.

"I had a tough Mexican in front of me tonight," Serrano said after her victory. "She's a champion in her weight class, but I hope I made everyone proud and happy and showtime will bring me back. I'm hoping to get some of them to do women's boxing here. Made me a fan of and I made this game proud. I want to fight Katie Taylor in the future," said Serrano. "First I want to fight other featherweight champions and be uncontroversial in my weight class. Then when Katie and I fight, we will be two undisputed champions against each other."

The question is, if this match happens, will Serrano face Katie Taylor?

How are you looking at it? Let us know what you think!



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