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Ancient History Of Boxing

Boxing is a sport that today exists in all cultures and corners of the world. You might be surprised to know that's not just today but boxing has been recorded in many cultures even before the age of information and traveling / trade routes. Boxing has been documented in the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerian, Chines, and so on.

It turns out that punching each other in the face is pretty universal. Humans have been doing it since before civilization so. One can assume boxing might even pre date humanity. A sport with rules and such is likely still unique to us though. It's interesting the little niche differences between various cultures ancient boxing.

The ancient Greeks boxed in sandy pits with hide gloves to cover their hands but no padding and also fought naked. The Romans inserted metal into their boxing gloves, to maximize devastation from heavy blows. Roman Boxing often ended with the loser dying and was much more brutal than the sport we know today.

Ancient Egyptians would box for the Pharaohs entertainment. They wore no gloves and would fight until the other boxer got knocked out. The ancient Minoans would fight with helmets and gloves, their boxing more of a point system.

So fight fans, which style of boxing would you like to have competed in the most?


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