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Anderson Silva still wants to invite Chael Sonnen for BBQ

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen's rivalry ranks among the greatest in mixed martial arts (MMA) history, despite their current friendliness.

Trying to explain to someone in 2012 that the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) kingpin, Silva, and brash top contender, Sonnen, would one day be friends one day seemed far-fetched. That is not the case in 2022.

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Silva invited Sonnen to a barbecue at his house following Silva's second round technical knockout victory in the highly anticipated rematch at UFC 148 in July 2012. Sonnen's claim that he would play touch-butt with Silva's wife enraged the traditionally cool, calm, and collected Brazilian, who vowed to "break his teeth."

10 years forward at the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva press conference the row between the two seems to have cooled down. Sonnen also explained why he had to miss out on the invite from Silva.

“You never come to my house for the barbecue, why?” Silva said.

“Okay, okay, here’s the thing,” Sonnen said. “I didn’t think it was a sincere offer. If I knew I was really invited ...”

“Of course!” Silva chimed in.

“Then I didn’t know if your wife forgave me, it was a whole thing,” Sonnen continued. “That’s the real answer why I didn’t come.”

“You need to come, please,” Silva said.

“In Brazil?” Sonnen responded.

“No, here. In Brazil, a lot of people try to kill you, trust me.” Silva answered as they laughed. “People hate you in Brazil. But I’m not, I love you, man.”

“I accept, thank you very much,” Sonnen said.

Sonnen's outrageous and witty trash talk helped propel the Middleweight division, and thus the UFC, to new heights near the end of Silva's lengthy title reign. Throughout the saga, Sonnen's verbal jabs knew no bounds, famously going after Silva's home country of Brazil alongside his wife.

Silva maintained his cool throughout the rivalry, with the exception of their rematch weigh-ins. Even after all these years, it's not surprising to see the kindness displayed among the UFC legends after all this time.


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