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Andre Ward wants to see Tyson Fury face either Francis Ngannou or Jon Jones

Andre Ward, a former two-division world champion, is highly interested in seeing Tyson Fury take on MMA heavyweights Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, but he doesn't think either fight will take place.

When his contract with the company expired, Ngannou left the UFC and gave up the heavyweight title. A returning Jones eventually won the vacant championship.

Fury has verbally argued with both boxers multiple times over the past two years.

Fury said last week that he has been offered 'hybrid' fights' against both Ngannou and Jones, though he did not specify the specifics of the rules.

In 2017, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor engaged in a major cross-sports boxing battle that was organised by Showtime and the UFC.

With over 4 million pay-per-view purchases, the event turned into one of the most successful endeavours in combat sports history.

Fury is not currently facing either man, according to Ward.

Currently, Fury is having problems finding a challenger for his upcoming fight.

Ward would rather see the WBC heavyweight champion straighten out his boxing future first - before he considers any cross-sport encounters.

“Personally, I would like to see [Fury fight] both,” Ward said on The MMA Hour.

“I don’t see Tyson really fighting either one of those guys. I think Tyson will take a bag like Floyd did, but I think Tyson is really trying to figure this boxing thing out. I want to see what happens with him with this [next fight] because he seems to have trouble getting a fight in boxing, much less an MMA fight, and I don’t think right now Tyson Fury should do that.

“You’ve been off with boxing, the boxing world is a bit upset. They’re clamoring like, ‘Dude, what’s next? We hear you talk, but where’s the fight?’ If he took that, if he veered that way right now, I don’t think it’d be the right time. Get a boxing fight, Joshua, something like that, and then go fight one of those guys.”


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