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Andy Ruiz seems confident of beating Deontay Wilder

Andy Ruiz Jr. believes he will knock out Deontay Wilder in their upcoming fight.

The WBC ordered the fight between Ruiz Jr. and Wilder, with the winner facing Tyson Fury. Both men have been calling for a fight for quite some time, and Ruiz Jr. believes the difference will be that he can take a punch, whereas Wilder will not be able to take his power.

“For me, I feel like I can take a punch. I’m not saying that [Wilder] doesn’t hit hard or nothing,” Ruiz Jr. told Boxing Social. “I’m gonna get in, I’m gonna throw my combinations, I’m gonna be fast, explosive, and I throw that right hand, in his temple, and he’s gonna go down … We’re right here trying to stay busy and trying to stay focused.”

Andy Ruiz Jr. has previously stated that he would KO Deontay Wilder. He also believes his size will benefit him because Wilder will have difficulty dealing with his speed and fighting someone so much shorter.

“I’m really confident,” Ruiz Jr. recently said in a separate interview. “Nobody can really match my style. Once they get inside that ring, I’m like a different person. I feel the abilities that I have, the power, the quickness, the movement, and me being short is an advantage … It’s harder for the taller guys to fight shorter guys that move around and that are fast. I’m gonna win [against Wilder].”

Ruiz Jr. comes into the fight on a two-fight winning streak, most recently a decision victory over Luis Ortiz in September. Prior to that, he defeated Chris Arreola by decision in his first fight since losing his heavyweight titles by decision to Anthony Joshua.


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