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Another Conor McGregor began his illustrious career at the UFC

On November 6, another Connor McGregor stepped into UFC 268 at Madison Square Garden in New Park City. In the history of UFC, it is common for a fighter to mentally imagine the important moments of the beginning of his career, but it is rare to see these moments come true. A similar scene was seen at a recent UFC event when the 24-year-old Irishman made his first attack on Octagon in Madison Square Garden earlier this month and won the first round with a knockout. On November 6, a wave of surprise swept through Madison Square Garden in New York City when Gary's promotional debut reached UFC 268, the biggest fight undercard of the year. While the former Cage Warriors champion Jordan Williams' match was slightly lighter than expected in the opening moments, Gary promised a first-round knockout - one second to the clock. With five seconds left in the first round, he was out of reach of Williams. With four left, he extended a piston right hand to the American's chin. Three left, follow up shots. Two, the referee arrived. One, the victory was sealed, Gary remained unbeaten 8-0. Gary's contest was one of the most anticipated UFC 268s, a success in itself, given that the card was headlined by two title fights and was started by Justin Gathage and Michael. The fight between Chandler inevitably happened as the fight of the year. Gary's partner at Sanford MMA in Florida, where the Irishman now lives. This was the result of Gary's confident, articulate appearance in pre-fight interviews throughout the week, with the undefeated youngster's ability to speak being used with great intent. "He and my Mrs. work together and want to design their own brand and everything we do at the top level," Gary said. To be more efficient, to do interviews better, to see places better, just to be better. "It was just an era, mate," he says. "If there were two more, I would win one of them. At the moment, you're wondering what many MMA fans think of Gary: the young, confident Dubliner; Great record Speaks of an unusual game and significantly supports it. Connor McGregor finds this all too much, which is ironic, given that Gary's mother wrote a letter to her son before the start of her MMA career, insisting that 'Next Being a McGregor is not a career plan. But for all the fans who suggest that 'Next Mac Gregor' is exactly what Gary is, for all the similarities between the pair, 'The Future' has its own distinct personality and brilliance. McGregor, in fact, recorded several audio notes on Twitter shortly after Gary's successful UFC debut, congratulating his compatriot on the victory.


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