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Anthony Joshua Reveals Surprising Cause of Post-Fight Outburst

Anthony Joshua made headlines last year when he threw Oleksandr Usyk's three world titles on the floor and went on a rant after losing to him in Jeddah. Fans and commentators were left puzzled by his outburst, with many describing it as a "meltdown."

Now, in a recent interview with SecondsOut, Joshua has revealed the surprising cause of his post-fight outburst.

It turns out that a compliment from Usyk's close friend, Vasiliy Lomachenko, was to blame for Joshua's unsavory behavior at the King Abdullah Sport City Stadium. According to Joshua, he took Lomachenko's compliment about his strength as a sign of disrespect.

"As an African, I felt like he was trying to belittle me as someone who is hardworking," Joshua explained. "That's how I interpreted it. That's why I got a bit vexed."

Joshua went on to explain that he has seen similar comments in football, where commentators often describe African players as just "strong," failing to acknowledge their talent.

He felt that Lomachenko was doing the same thing to him, and that's what caused his emotional outburst after the fight.

While some fans may find Joshua's explanation surprising, it's clear that the emotions of the fight were running high for the boxer. Losing to Usyk was a significant setback for Joshua, and it's understandable that he would be sensitive to any perceived disrespect.

Since his loss to Usyk, Joshua has bounced back with a win over Jermaine Franklin at the 02 Arena. He has shown that he is still a formidable fighter in the ring and is ready to take on new challengers. Hopefully, with this revelation, fans can better understand what caused Joshua's outburst and move forward, focusing on the exciting fights to come.


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