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Anthony Taylor v Idris Virgo Fight Report

Kicking off the Misfits x DAZN 004 card comes a fight between what cannot be described as a 'influencer' boxing fight, with the two fighters coming from very strong fighting backgrounds.

Idris is by far the more established boxer, with a boxing record of 12-0-1 entered the fight as the majority favorite, his opponent Taylor, entering the fight with a pro record of 2-3.

Idris started the fight, showcasing his skill set and utilizing his jab to set up combinations with Taylor not offering a lot in return, other than a string of clinches at every given chance.

Idris set the trend in the first round for how the next two would play out, with the British boxer controlling the ring and setting the pace for the fight. He was able to land a flurry of punches, clearly set on getting the knockout, Taylor managing to hang on through his relentless clinches.

Virgos' coach could be seeing goading the Brit to finish the American mid rounds, noting that Taylor was tired. It was questionable if the former MMA fighter, Taylor, would even see the final bell in this fight as he was beginning to show signs of being stopped, be it via retirement, Virgo finishing him or the referees call.

Into the final round with all four previous rounds in his favour, Idris was looking for the knockout. He had inflicted a lot of damage to his opponent throughout the fight and controlled every second but the final bell loomed closer, finishing the fight shy of a KO victory.

No one could argue with the decision as Idris Virgo was handed a win via UD, having controlled won every round. It will be interesting to see what's next for both fighters after an explosive start to the Misfits x DAZN 004 card.


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