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Arkhagha vs Dobson

Welcome to Fight TV. Today we will talk about the fourth event of the fifth season of the Dana White Contender series on Tuesday, September 21st. At the main event, Hashem Arkhagha will step into the cage against AJ Dobson. It is expected to be a great confrontation. The UFC has proven itself to be very useful in matching its elite level fighters to find out who deserves a place on the UFC roster. Dana White's Contender Series Has become prime fight content.

It pitted talented fighters on the scene against each other in hopes of reaching a more clear ranking with the UFC. The show has seen many fast growing fighters in recent episodes, including Sean O'Malley, Adrian Yannis, and Ryan Span.

AJ Dobson is a solid prospect and specializes in big work in the UFC's middleweight division. There are many questions surrounding his skills. AJ has competed with other fighters only in small regional shows with limited fighting game experience.

Hashim Arkhaga is not competing against world champions. However, he has faced higher levels of competition than AJ. In fact, he has scored a punch knockout against some UFC Talent.

I'm sure Arkhagha and Dobson will be a good match up. The event will be the culmination of strikers Hashim Arkha and AJ Dobson's desire to extend their unbeaten series and make their way to the UFC.

Now we have to see whose dreams come true in this event. Who will be the king of this event and whose dream will be shattered? Fight.TV wants to know, who do you think is gonna win?


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