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Arman Tsarukyan Roasts Charles Oliveira Ahead of UFC 300

Arman Tsarukyan is gearing up for his highly anticipated bout against former champion Charles Oliveira at UFC 300. Tsarukyan, who has been steadily making a name for himself in the division, sees this fight as an opportunity to secure his biggest win yet and potentially earn a shot at the title.

Arman Tsarukyan

In a recent interview with Red Corner MMA, Tsarukyan didn't hold back when discussing Oliveira's strengths and weaknesses. "Charles is good at one thing: taking his opponent's back and choking him out from that position," Tsarukyan stated.

"He has long limbs, so he's good at taking the back, locking the triangle, and finishing the submission. But overall, he's nothing special."

While acknowledging Oliveira's skills in certain areas, Tsarukyan believes that the former champion's game is not without its flaws.

"Yes, he has some tricks when pulling guard, but nothing extraordinary," Tsarukyan remarked. "He's got a great back-mount game where he chokes everybody out. This morning, we worked on these types of situations – what I should do if I get caught in that position. We're working on it, but we shouldn't let this happen in the fight."

Both Tsarukyan and Oliveira are eyeing a potential showdown with current lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, with the winner of their upcoming bout likely to move one step closer to a title shot. With both fighters confident in their abilities, their clash at UFC 300 promises to be a thrilling encounter that fans won't want to miss.


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