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You can not imagine how many times I get asked to sign off on mismatched opponents. Promoters always try to align whom they want to fight in order to build whom they feel will be more marketable. Even worse are the ones that just promote to build a friend, family member or ...... who knows why ?

Well the MATCHMAKER is the one responsible for the outcome. That's right you carry the liabilty and burden of "Doing The Right Thing" at any and all cost. Cost, a funny and odd

term to be used, especially when lives are on the line. Cost of an opponent, cost of business and the cost of being paid to approve a bout.

Being paid is part of the "COST" and unless you sign the Bout Agreement as the MATCHMAKER you do not get paid. So the biggest off-set is that the Promoter

has the outcome in their "Corner" so to speak.


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