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Askar Mozharov suspended from the NAC for six months due to a positive drug test

The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday imposed a six-month suspension on Askar Mozharov for failing a drug test in connection with his lone UFC participation.

The hormone and metabolic modulator GW1516 sulfone was detected in Mozharov's blood sample. The drug was "initially created and studied for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses related to metabolic issues," according to USADA, and it can alter how the body metabolizes fat. Because the sample Mozharov provided fell below USADA's threshold for an anti-doping infraction, he was not subject to sanctions.

Mozharov received a ten percent fine of his winnings from his first-round technical knockout defeat to Alonzo Menifield at UFC Fight Night 207 in addition to a six-month ban. The event's salaries weren't made public.

Before competing against Menifield, Mozharov made headlines for fabricating his MMA record; once those false records were published on the Sherdog database, his career record dropped from 25-7 to 15-14. Following his defeat against Menifield, Mozharov was fired from the UFC, and he is not presently scheduled to compete.

The 27-year-old Ukrainian, who was let go by the UFC following his defeat, was also fined $2,000 (10% of his winnings, according to the commission), in addition to $529 in court costs. Before being granted another license, he will also need to submit to clean drug tests 30, 15, and 3 days prior to his next scheduled match and settle any fines (or set up a payment plan).

Even though Mozharov tested below the GW1516 limit permitted by the USADA, which oversees the UFC's drug testing program, the NAC doesn't accept that specific level and requested a temporary ban after learning of his failed drug test.

Mozharov, who was absent from the hearing on Tuesday, refuted claims that he embellished his resume. However, after MMA databases Sherdog and Tapology claimed that his record had been fabricated, they later updated it, and he fought Menifield as a 17-12 professional. He was defeated in the opening round.

The ban on Mozharov is in effect until December 4, 2022.


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