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Bam Margera Challenges Johnny Knoxville to a Bare-Knuckle Fight in BKFC

Bam Margera VS Johnny Knoxville
Bam Margera VS Johnny Knoxville

Bam Margera Challenges Johnny Knoxville to a Bare-Knuckle Fight in BKFC

In a shocking twist that feels like a throwback to their wild, stunt filled days on "Jackass," Bam Margera has publicly challenged Johnny Knoxville to a bare-knuckle fight. This unexpected call out has sent ripples through both the entertainment and combat sports communities, promising a spectacle that could blend the outrageous antics of their past with the brutal reality of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC.)

The Challenge

Bam Margera, known for his fearless stunts and larger than life persona, has never been one to shy away from controversy or a good fight. In a recent social media post, Margera issued a bold challenge to his former "Jackass" co-star Johnny Knoxville, proposing they settle their differences in the BKFC ring. The challenge is not just a publicity stunt but appears to be a serious offer, fueled by a mix of personal grievances and a desire for spectacle.

Knoxville, the de facto leader of the "Jackass" crew, has yet to respond to Margera's challenge. However, given his own history of reckless stunts and high pain tolerance, fans are eagerly awaiting his reaction. The potential matchup between these two icons of chaos promises to be unlike anything the combat sports world has seen.

BKFC's Interest

Adding to the intrigue, BKFC has expressed interest in not only hosting the fight but also incorporating Margera into their organization. Sources within BKFC have hinted at the possibility of Margera joining the promotion as a fight commentator. This move would leverage his unique brand of humor and unpredictability, potentially drawing a new audience to the sport.

David Feldman, President of BKFC, has been known for pushing the envelope and bringing unconventional fighters into the fold. The addition of Margera, both as a fighter and commentator, could be a game changer.

The Spectacle Factor

A bare-knuckle fight between Margera and Knoxville would be more than just a sporting event, it would be a cultural phenomenon. Fans of "Jackass" would tune in to see their favorite daredevils face off in a no holds barred brawl, while combat sports enthusiasts would be curious to see how these two fare in a legitimate fighting environment.

The fight would also serve as a platform for BKFC to showcase its unique appeal. Bare-knuckle boxing, with its raw and unfiltered brutality, offers a stark contrast to the more polished productions of other combat sports. The inclusion of celebrity fighters like Margera could help BKFC carve out a distinct niche in the crowded fight market.


The prospect of Bam Margera fighting Johnny Knoxville in BKFC is as wild and unpredictable as the stunts that made them famous. While it's still uncertain if Knoxville will accept the challenge, the mere possibility has already generated significant buzz. Furthermore, Margera's potential role as a commentator could bring a new level of entertainment to BKFC events.

As the combat sports world awaits further developments, one thing is certain: if this fight happens, it will be an unforgettable spectacle. Blending the worlds of entertainment and combat sports in a way only Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville could. Stay tuned to Fight.TV for updates on this developing story and other news in the world of combat sports.


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