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Bas Rutten's - Body Action System

Bas Rutten claims his Body Action System is for full body training and all types of standup combat sports. We think he's right. You can watch some of your favorite fighters go at the Body Action System and it seems perfect for any high end gym or just what you need for your home gym.

The head pad allows you to perform uppercuts and hooks, it really resembles and takes punches like a persons head. The deluxe and x2 models allow you to use focus pads to train your body and leg kicks as well. Throwing it all together and its the perfect mitts partner for when you don't have one.

It's very affordable and the same price as most high tier punching bags. It even comes with training manuals from the man Bas himself, where he's your personal coach. So if you're looking to up your standup game, cardio, or just get some good exercise. look no further than the Body Action System.


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