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Belal Muhammad Keeps Sharp with Grappling Match Ahead of UFC 294 Title Shot

As he eagerly awaits his UFC welterweight title shot, Belal Muhammad isn't resting on his laurels. Instead, he's seizing an opportunity to stay sharp with a professional grappling match against former UAE Warriors champion Tarek Suleiman.

This showdown, marking Muhammad's grappling debut, is set to unfold at ADXC 1 on October 20, just one day before UFC 294. The middleweight no-gi bout between Muhammad and Suleiman will take center stage as the co-main event at Mubadala Arena.

Muhammad's recent form speaks volumes, with an impressive unbeaten streak of 10 fights. His dominant victory over former title contender Gilbert Burns at UFC 288 in May secured him a title shot. However, Muhammad's patience will be tested as he awaits the outcome of welterweight champion Leon Edwards' defense against Colby Covington before getting his long-awaited opportunity.

In the world of MMA, where preparation is paramount, Muhammad's decision to engage in a high-level grappling match just before his title shot is a testament to his dedication and commitment to staying at the top of his game. This grappling match is not just an appetizer but a display of his unyielding spirit as he pursues the pinnacle of the welterweight division.

UFC 294 promises to be a showdown worth waiting for, and Muhammad's grappling showcase at ADXC 1 only adds to the anticipation.


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