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Belfort TKO's Holyfield in 1st Round

What many are now calling a fight that never should have happened - Vitor Belfort got a 1st round TKO victory over Holyfield. Holyfield only threw a few punches and landed 1 to Belforts relentless onslaught flurry of punches from the rounds start.

Belfort knocked down Holyfield early in the first round. Holyfield struggled to defend himself after standing back up and ref called the fight right there.

You can tell Belfort feels kind of bad by his statements but still had a clear conscious. Talking about his instincts kicking in, noting Holyfields swinging on him and his prowess as a boxer - that he doesn't feel bad. The truth is Belfort shouldn't feel bad as both men agreed to fight.

There's a scent in the air if you will though. Everyone seems to be uncertain if this fight should have gone down. With Holyfields 59th birthday right around the corner.

Regardless, we're happy both fighters are okay, in good health, and got paid tonight! Do you think this fight should have gone down and whether or not Holyfield should continue to fight or officially retire? Fight.TV wants to know!


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