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Former UFC champ and MMA great Vitor Belfort is set to take on Hasim Rahman Jr on october 15th in Sheffeild, England. Belfort now 45 years old made his boxing debut against the legendary Evander Holyfield winning by KO. As a fan I think its a great fight but lets look at the facts, Rahman Jr is 31 years old and with a record of 12-1-0 in pro boxing. Rahman Jr isnt 58 years old like Holyfield that has alot of battledamage from all those years of fighting the very best in boxing in his era. Rahman Jr is a young guy that can fight, hes record speaks for itself. As a fight fan my heart is with Beltfort because ive watched him since I was 14, so i love the guy but i have to say it as I see it.


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