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Bellator announces signing of former U.S Olympic wrestler who is a 4x NCAA All-American

Bellator, one of the world's leading MMA organizations, has announced the signing of former U.S. Olympic wrestler and four-time NCAA All-American Jordan Oliver. Oliver is now set to embark on a new journey in his athletic career as he transitions to MMA.

Oliver is no stranger to success in the world of sports, having won two NCAA championships and four All-American honors during his time at Oklahoma State University. The former Olympian is widely regarded as one of the most talented wrestlers of his generation, and his signing with Bellator is sure to excite fans of the sport.

After graduating from college, Oliver entered the freestyle circuit and competed relentlessly to earn a position on the American Olympic wrestling team. Before the 2016 Olympic games, Iowa wrestler Brent Metcalf defeated him. He then came back to try to make the 2020 team.

Oliver completed the task with four consecutive victories at the U.S. Olympic team trials at 65 kg, but regrettably, the country didn't eventually qualify for the weight division at the Tokyo Olympics, preventing him from competing there.

Oliver will therefore switch to mixed martial arts (MMA) in the featherweight division, where he's going to get off to a somewhat of a sluggish start, but he's going to do so at approximately the same moment as Daniel Cormier, another Oklahoma State icon who began fighting in MMA after making two Olympic teams.

Oliver's signing is yet another sign of Bellator's commitment to bringing in top talent from the world of wrestling. The organization has a long history of signing former wrestlers and has had great success with athletes like Ben Askren, Ryan Bader, and current champion Patricio Pitbull.

Fans of the sport will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on Jordan Oliver's MMA career as he makes the transition from wrestling to mixed martial arts. With his impressive pedigree and natural athleticism, he could very well become one of the sport's rising stars.

As the MMA landscape continues to evolve and grow top wrestlers like Jordan Oliver will play an increasingly important role in the sport's future. Bellator's signing of Oliver is just one more step in that direction, and fans of the organization are sure to be excited to see what the future holds for this talented athlete.


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