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Bellator Champ Patchy Mix: "Why I'm a Better Fighter Than Sean O'Malley"

Bellator bantamweight champion Patchy Mix recently opened up about why he believes he's a superior fighter to UFC's Sean O'Malley, shedding light on the perceived differences between fighters from Bellator and the UFC. Mix, who has been steadily building his reputation as one of the premier bantamweights globally, notably clinched the Bellator 135-pound title last year with a submission victory over Sergio Pettis.

Patchy Mix

Mix is now gearing up to defend his title against Magomed Magomedov, whom he previously defeated in the World Grand Prix. Despite his accomplishments, Mix acknowledged the prevailing notion among fans that UFC champions are often seen as the best in the world.

In a recent interview, Mix attributed this perception to the letters preceding his name, hinting at the UFC's status in the MMA world.

“Look at Sean O’Malley’s credentials next to my credentials. I fought just as tough competition. I have more finishes than him. He’s lost more rounds than me. I’m one round removed from being 31 in a row: 11-0 as an amateur, 19-1 as a pro.
He barely beat that Andre Crocodile kid (Soukhamthath). He kicked him in the leg, and the guy almost had to get f—king airlifted out of the cage. So it’s like, you know, I’ve barely lost any rounds in my whole life.

Regarding potential matchups, Mix expressed confidence in his ability to defeat not only O'Malley but also other top contenders. He singled out Merab Dvalishvili as a challenging opponent. Mix's remarks offer a glimpse into the competitive landscape between Bellator and UFC fighters, showcasing his belief in his skills and readiness to take on the best in the world.


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