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Bellator's Brennan Ward shares a powerful message with fans about dealing with addiction

Brennan Ward, a Bellator athlete who struggles with drug addiction, has endured hell and back. A few other celebrities, including UFC veteran Mark Coleman, have discussed the issue in the meantime. Ward had to take a heartbreaking five years layoff from MMA due to this toxic temptation.

However, he got up keenly in 2022 as well as proved his abilities as a fighter both within and without the Bellator octagon. Ward has spent years fighting his addiction, and with a grudge on his back and a great personality, he is currently on a campaign to assist everyone else in overcoming their addictions.

Ward was detained in 2016 for disturbing the peace and assaulting an officer despite having drinking problems. Later, "Irish" served 120 days in prison but has since maintained his sobriety for a while.

To inform the people around the world battling drug addiction to understand they're not the only ones and there is a way to escape the trap they consider themselves in, he desires to act as a ray of light for everyone. The 34-year-old also utilized the post-fight media briefing as a forum to convey his vision of optimism following his latest spectacular knockout victory at Bellator 290.

With his victory over Sabah Homasi this past Saturday in the cage, Ward increased his winning streak to 3. A vicious head kick from the 34-year-old knocked Homasi to the canvas inside the second round, and thus the referee decided that his following blows were sufficient to secure the TKO victory.

But his best moment came during the media briefing that followed the fight. Brennan rose to the occasion and delivered not only sage advice but also a big help while inquiring regarding what other people struggling with drug addiction might be doing to escape their troubles as he had.

The Bellator welterweight said:

"Take the step, just do it. Go to detox, get it done and ride that grind out. Going to detox is the easier part, it's those next 6 months to a year. You've just gotta get through it, it's so hard. I know how f***ing hard it is, trust me. Just grind it out, you'll be so happy you grinded it out. It might take you a couple of times, if you trip and fall don't beat yourself up."

"I tried to get clean for 10 years, 10 years until I finally got clean. It's a process and it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Cagefighting is nothing compared to getting clean, nothing, nothing. Take that step, go to detox, go to rehab and grind it out," he added.


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