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Ben Askren EXPOSES Dana White’s Dirty Secret!

The UFC, like any sports organization, is no stranger to controversy and criticism. One of the most contentious issues among fans is the allocation of title shots, with deserving fighters often overlooked in favor of more popular or marketable contenders.

Ben Askren

Despite the existence of official rankings, which theoretically dictate the order of title challengers, the UFC has been known to prioritize matchups that generate the most interest and revenue. This has led to frustration among fighters who feel they are being unfairly passed over for title opportunities.

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren recently voiced his displeasure with this trend on the "Funky & the Champ" podcast with Daniel Cormier. Askren criticized UFC President Dana White for allegedly favoring certain fighters over others, regardless of their merit.

Askren specifically mentioned two fighters, Merab Dvalishvili and Belal Muhammad, who have both amassed impressive win streaks in their respective divisions. Despite their success, Askren argued that they have not received the recognition they deserve from the UFC.

"Merab, how many did he win, like nine in a row or something?" Askren exclaimed. "Belal's another one, he's won how many in a row and doesn't get one."

Askren's frustration stems from his belief that fighters like Dvalishvili and Muhammad, who may not always deliver the most exciting fights, are being unfairly overlooked in favor of more marketable fighters. He pointed to the example of Michael Chandler, who received a title shot after just one win in the UFC, suggesting that Chandler was favored by Dana White due to his popularity.

This issue is not new to Askren, who himself struggled to secure a contract with the UFC for many years due to his wrestling-oriented style, which was not considered particularly exciting by the promotion.


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