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Ben Rothwell's Unyielding Challenge to Mick Terrill for the BKFC Heavyweight Title

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship heavyweight division has been electrified by a fiery challenge, as Ben Rothwell sets his sights on a battle for the coveted championship currently held by Mick Terrill. Despite not yet securing a title shot in BKFC, Rothwell is adamant that the belt belongs in his collection and has sent an impassioned message to Terrill, urging him to defend what Rothwell believes to be rightfully his.

Rothwell, with over two decades of experience and a repertoire of more than 50 fights, transitioned to BKFC with impressive victories, but his quest for the title hit a snag when an illness forced the cancellation of his bout against Todd Duffee last December. Feeling snubbed of an opportunity that he believes should have been his, Rothwell's focus remains steadfast on Terrill, the current heavyweight titleholder.

In Rothwell's eyes, Terrill's possession of the belt equates to holding onto what rightfully belongs to him. He points out that a year ago, Terrill had committed to facing Rothwell for the belt, setting the stage for what he describes as the fight he's always desired.

Terrill, known for his success in the bare-knuckle arena with a 7-1 record, secured the BKFC heavyweight title with a victory over Arnold Adams. Despite Terrill's accomplishments, Rothwell sees the showdown between them as the defining moment for the division, dismissing the idea of matchups involving lower-weight class fighters masquerading as heavyweights.

In Rothwell's view, the fight with Terrill is the epitome of what the heavyweight division stands for—a clash between two titans, showcasing raw power and skill. Expressing his eagerness to confront Terrill, Rothwell is unambiguous about his intentions, willing to fight anywhere and at any time to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Rothwell's message to Terrill is clear and direct, calling for a monumental clash that would undoubtedly captivate the BKFC audience. With his eyes fixed on the championship, Rothwell's determination is unwavering, challenging Terrill to rise to the occasion and defend the belt if he wishes to prove his worth as a true champion.


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