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Benavidez Sr. Calls for Plant vs. Andrade fight After David's win

Jose Benavidez Sr, father and trainer of boxing sensation David Benavidez, has seen his son rise through the ranks of the super middleweight division. However, securing fights against top-tier opponents was a challenge, until recently.

In consecutive bouts, David faced Caleb Plant and Demetrius Andrade, showcasing his skills against elite competition. Now, with eyes set on a potential matchup with Canelo Alvarez, the Benavidez camp is eager for the next challenge.

While awaiting Alvarez's decision, Jose Benavidez Sr. expressed his desire to see Plant and Andrade face off in the ring. He believes that instead of facing lesser opponents after their respective losses to David, the former champions should square off against each other.

"That would be a really good fight that everybody would want to see," Jose told in a recent interview. "I would love to see that fight."

Reflecting on their performances against David, Jose acknowledged Plant's early dominance in their bout before succumbing to David's pressure in the later rounds. Andrade, on the other hand, faced a different fate, with David delivering a decisive sixth-round stoppage.

Considering public perception, Jose hinted that Plant might be favored in a potential matchup against Andrade. However, he cautioned against underestimating Andrade's abilities, emphasizing that being stopped by David doesn't diminish his skills.

"I don’t know who would win but just don’t count Boo Boo out just because he got stopped," Jose added.

As the Benavidez camp awaits their next move, they continue to keep a close eye on the super middleweight division's developments, eager to see how the landscape unfolds.

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