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Benavidez Ups the Ante: "Canelo Fight Looking More Realistic"

David Benavidez is increasingly confident about a future clash with boxing superstar Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. While negotiations have stalled in the past, Benavidez believes the fight is inching closer.


A Pricey Dance:

Alvarez's previously astronomical asking price of $200 million seemed to derail the fight. However, Benavidez suggests a shift in Canelo's camp. 

"I think Canelo might end up getting his $200 million and we might be getting the fight we all want," he reveals.

Focus on Opportunity, Not Payday:

Benavidez emphasizes his desire for the fight regardless of the financial terms. 

"The money is not important for me... What's important for me is that I do my job 100 percent, and the money is going to follow," he states. He envisions a lucrative rematch following a potential victory over Canelo.

Light Heavyweight Debut:

While waiting for Canelo, Benavidez is set to make his light heavyweight debut on June 15th against Oleksandr Gvozdyk.  Gvozdyk is a former champion and interestingly, a sparring partner for Canelo.

Weight Concerns:

Canelo has previously expressed concerns about Benavidez's natural size advantage. Benavidez assures he'll return to super middleweight (168 pounds) for the fight,  but remains flexible on rehydration clauses.

Ready to Fight, Open to Terms:

"Whatever [the terms are], as long as it's not ridiculous," Benavidez insists. He expresses his willingness to agree to a rehydration clause but remains firm against a catchweight (a weight limit set below the division's standard).

Moving Forward:

Despite the uncertainty around the Canelo fight, Benavidez has plans. "I've been kind of done with 168 pounds," he admits. He sees the Gvozdyk fight as an opportunity to explore the light heavyweight division and potentially pursue titles in multiple weight classes.

The Show Must Go On:

While a Canelo fight remains the ultimate goal, Benavidez is determined to move forward with his career, with or without the Mexican superstar in the ring.


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