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Berlanga comes back with a victory over a crafty Quigley.

Edgar Berlanga comes back with a victory over a Jason Quigley that wasnt easy. It was close fight at times where Quigley started well and the fight was very competetive until the 10th round when Berlanga drops Quigley, from there Quigley went on survival mode and was dropped 3 more times. It was a close fight at times but what really made the difference was the 4 knockdowns in the fight that gave Berlanga the clear victory. After his victory Berlanga stated he wants Munguia next, it looks like he is not the only one who wants Munguia next, so does Benavides. In my opinión a Berlanga v.s Munguia fight is more of an even match up, I believe Benavides is to much for Munguia at this moment. He should fight Morrell.


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