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Big George Foreman.

We can all be guilty of raving about the monster that was George Foreman in his first career as he left a path of destruction behind him while stepping over the caucuses of those who stood in the opposite corner to face him.

Theres no denying George was an all out killer as he marched his way to lifting the heavyweight title destroying the then champion "Smokin" Joe Frazier to lift boxings biggest prize.

But….when I look at George throughout his second career I still see that killer within him but not only that I also see a thinking man who understood boxing much better than the one that posessed that soul destroying, dream shattering, jaw breaking power in his earlier years.

This version of Big George pictured was a somewhat gentleman, a loveable rogue who through his own trials and tribulations became not only a better man but a better fighter. A man who was much better prepared for the adversities he faced and much better prepared in handling defeat.

When George’s cloak of invincibility had been lifted by the genius of Muhammad Ali he self imploded and hit a harsh downward spiral that saw him find god and also himself.

When George lost in his second career he accepted the loss and in turn used it to fuel an already burning fire of ambition that eventually saw him once again become a world champion.

Big George Foreman’s story in boxing is one of the greatest of all stories we like to hear and read about.

I mean, who doesn’t like a good old comeback or an underdog becoming top dog?

George is a remarkable man and fighter.

Without a doubt for me he is an all time great and I don’t think we will ever see another 45 year old become heavyweight champion again.


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