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Billam-Smith wins WBO world title!!

This past saturday Lawrence Okolie defended his WBO world cruiserweight championship against tuff challenger Billam-Smith in a somewhat weird fight.

Okolie being known for being a highly skilled fighter that knows how to use his reach, fought unlike what we are used to see from him. He did more holding than fighting and was even knocked down three times, although two were questionable the ref counted so it made it official. Many are surprised to see Okolie loose because they thought he was the dark horse in the cruiserweight división. Being 6'4" and a highly skilled boxer that knows how to use his reach many thought he would unify titles then move up to heavyweight. Thats what makes boxing so special, its always full of surprises. Okolie lost by majority decisión making Billam-Smith the new world WBO cruiserweight champion.


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