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Bo Nickal grabs the UFC contract in style, calls out Khamzat Chimaev

Bo Nickal has put on yet another scintillating performance in his second outing at the Dana White Contender series. He picked up the second-fastest finish of the DWCS Season 6 finale on Tuesday night.

Given his first performance, a quick finish that helped promotion president Dana White get some additional shine on his talent-development network, Nickal's trip to the UFC was likely a foregone conclusion. Nickal, on the other hand, needed only 52 seconds to tap his opponent, Donovan Beard, and the triangle he rolled for was the third finish he attempted in the short time he was in the small octagon at UFC APEX. It started with an overhand left, then a guillotine choke, and finally the triangle choke, which left Donovan - and the audience - baffled.

Nickal, fresh off a 52-second stoppage on Tuesday night's up-and-comer showcase, bypassed the formalities and called his own fight against Chimaev, another hype train that, despite weight issues, has taken the welterweight division by storm.

“If the UFC wishes, give me that Swedish dude,” said Nickal, undoubtedly one of the brightest prospects among the 43 fighters signed to the UFC after Season 6 of the Contender Series wrapped. “He might not even be the best guy, because he can’t even make weight, but if that’s the case, I’ll take him.

“If not, then give me Logan Paul. UFC debut. Me vs. Logan Paul, I know he has some skills. If we can’t do it in the UFC, let’s do it in the WWE. I’ll meet you in the ring.

But Dana White was quick to dismiss those links and branded them as crazy. He told the media at the press conference that the next step for Nickal was to get some fights and build him up.

“You don’t test him against ranked talent,” the UFC exec said. “You bring him in just like you would bring in any prospect. You build him up, give him fights.

Nickal may have to jump through a few more hoops before he can fight top-ranked fighters, and a fight with Paul is pure fantasy. But, in terms of confidence, he's on the right track. When it comes to opportunities, that counts for a lot.

While giving his interview to Laura Sanko he seemed super pumped and called out Khamzat Chimaev.

“Let’s get it baby,” Nickal told Laura Sanko of his Chimaev callout. “I’m here. I’m training every day. I put the work in. I make weight. Let’s do it.”

Do you guys think Bo Nickal can become the Champion one day? Let us know your views in the comments.


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