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Bo Nickal Stands Firm: Calls Out Jordan Burroughs as a 'Freaking Fraud' Amid Wrestling Dispute

Bo Nickal calls out Burroughs as a Fraud
Bo Nickal

UFC middleweight Bo Nickal has ignited a fiery controversy by labeling Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs a 'freaking fraud,' escalating tensions following a heated exchange during the recent NCAA Wrestling Championships.

The clash between Nickal and Burroughs erupted when Burroughs, providing commentary for ESPN during Penn State's Carter Starocci's fourth title win, suggested that Starocci's opponent should target his injured knee. This commentary didn't sit well with Nickal, who criticized Burroughs for his remarks, deeming them unprofessional and overshadowing Starocci's achievement.

In response to Burroughs' comments about targeting Starocci's injury at the upcoming Olympic wrestling trials, Nickal didn't mince words, expressing his disapproval of Burroughs making Starocci's moment about himself. Nickal highlighted what he perceived as Burroughs' self-centeredness and lack of sportsmanship, stating, "You just want to make it about yourself."

The rift between the two champions has deepened, with Nickal refusing to back down from his criticism, even as Burroughs fired back on social media. Nickal's stance reflects his belief that Burroughs' actions were disrespectful to Starocci and the wrestling community, emphasizing the need for genuine sportsmanship and respect in the sport.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Nickal's strong words highlight the importance of maintaining integrity and humility in athletics, particularly at prestigious events like the NCAA Wrestling Championships and Olympic trials.


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