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Bob Arum claims that Jared Anderson is a 'top contender' to look out for in 2023

Jared Anderson has been the most impressive heavyweight prospect in America this year, but 2023 will be even bigger for him, as his promoter Bob Arum plans to take him to the top of the division and showcase him in the United Kingdom.

This year, Anderson has been America's most promising heavyweight prospect. He's expected to break through into the world-class arena in 2023. He fought Forrest earlier this month, a gatekeeper who had gone ten rounds with Carlos Takam and Kubrat Pulev, as well as drawing with Michael Hunter and Zhile Zhang.

Anderson of Toledo destroyed him in two rounds, unleashing an unrelenting torrent of punches after Forrest clipped him early on. Anderson, who is only 23 years old, is eager to advance.

Looking ahead to 2023, his promoter Arum said: "This is going to be a big year for Jared. He's come along. He's gone from a prospect to a contender, or the fringe of being a contender. I look at '23 as the year Jared Anderson will become a real top contender for the heavyweight title.

"I think the kid is massively, massively talented. I think that he will really shine next year."

With Anderson's current form, it may be difficult to find opponents to match him as he seeks to become a world champion.

"Money always solves the problem," Arum said. "I think a lot of guys are going to test Jared and let's see.

"So far I've been so pleased with his development and his career that I think he's done extraordinarily well."

Arum also feels that there is a big market for the young emerging contender in the UK and he should grab that opportunity by both hands.

He'd like to have fighters like Anderson compete in Britain. "You've got to bring them over to the UK. It's such a big market that we want to showcase these guys in the UK, just the way UK fighters have always wanted to come to the United States to be showcased," Arum said.

"The UK is becoming a major, major market for boxing. It was always big but now it's huge so of course we're going to bring them over there."


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