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Boxer Jarrell Miller Arrested in Florida on Carjacking and Assault Charges

Heavyweight boxer Jarrell Miller's turbulent start to 2024 has plunged him into further trouble, just weeks after his first professional loss to Daniel Dubois. The Brooklyn native found himself in handcuffs on Tuesday in Hollywood, Florida, facing charges of carjacking without a firearm or weapon and burglary with assault or battery, according to an arrest report by the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

The 35-year-old remains in custody as of Wednesday evening, with his bond set at $30,000. Reports from WSVN-7, a Miami-based television station, allege that Miller stole a Black Dodge Ram pickup truck from Haims Motors, a local dealership. Despite the truck being repossessed by the dealership, Miller, aided by an unidentified woman, physically assaulted a dealership employee and absconded with the vehicle.

During the incident, the woman reportedly lured the employee back to the truck under the pretense of retrieving her cell phone. This allowed Miller to execute what prosecutors have described as a premeditated attack. However, the truck was equipped with a tracking device, leading law enforcement to apprehend Miller in close proximity to the scene.

This latest episode marks another setback for Miller, whose career has been marred by off-the-ring controversies. In 2019, he was removed from a championship bout against Anthony Joshua after testing positive for four banned performance-enhancing drugs, costing him a substantial payday and leading to his replacement by Andy Ruiz Jr.

In 2020, Miller faced a two-year suspension following another failed drug test before his comeback. Despite winning three consecutive fights, his recent defeat to Dubois has added to his woes.

Miller's legal troubles extend beyond the boxing ring, as he is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with promoter Dmitriy Salita, who seeks damages of nearly $5 million, largely stemming from Miller's past PED-related issues.


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