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Boxing critics go hard on Canelo.

Last saturday súper middleweight undisputed champion Saul "Canelo" Álvarez made his world title defense against WBO mandatory John Ryder. Critics have been hitting Canelo hard and saying that maybe his best years are behind him, that Benavides would kill him and that a rematch with Bivol is just nuts . Whats good about Canelo is that he doesnt care about the critics, he does his own thing and he keeps on making money. Like him or not he is still one of the biggest draws in boxing. My personal opinión on this subject is that the critics are too hard on Canelo. Critics forget that Canelo is coming off a long layoff and from major hand surgery, his knee also is not 100% . All that shows why he fought in a slow pace (knee injury) and low punch output (hand surgery) and with ring rust (inactivity). Sure the critics forget about that and only want the spotlight when talking bad about a fighter. John Ryder was not a bum and was the WBO intrim champ, haters forget he beat the great Daniel Jacobs that gave GGG and Canelo a hell of a fight where many thought Jacobs beat them both but was robbed. So that show Ryder was for real. Critics forget that over 15 boxers die a year due to head trauma. All for a show we love. The sad reality is that most fighters never get to fight for world titles, its so tuff to get there. Most critics never laced up a pair of gloves in their lives but get off on talking bad about boxers. Some ex boxers talk from experience but sometimes over do it and forget the struggles they went through when they were fighting. I agree that the fighters now a days are not like what we had in the 80's and 90's that were tuff as nails but thats what we have. We cant compare the modern middleweights with the likes of Hagler ,Hearns ,Leonard , Duran. They would kill this new guys , but thats what we have at the moment. Me as a mexican, I am happy that Canelo being mexican is one of the biggest draws in boxing. That shows Mexico's quality in boxing, sadly most of Canelo's critics are mexican and he continues to divide a country and hated or not with what he has done in the boxing world he has already guaranteed his place in the hall of fame.


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