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Boxing Goes WWE: Misfits x DAZN Announces the First Ever 'Tag Team Boxing' Event!

Misfits Boxing and DAZN are taking the sport of boxing to new heights with their latest announcement. On March 4th, in Telford, England, Misfits x DAZN 005 will host the first ever "Tag Team Boxing" event, featuring a WWE-style twist to the classic sport.

The four-man bout will see two teams made up of former opponents, who will come together to create dynamic and thrilling teams. The first team will consist of Mexican pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda and BDave, who faced each other in a previous Misfits x DAZN event. The second team will feature Stromedy and Austin Sprinz.

While the concept of "Tag Team Boxing" has generated a lot of excitement, not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Some fans have criticized the concept, calling it a "circus" and a mockery to the sport of boxing. However, Misfits x DAZN is not backing down, and is forging ahead with their innovative concept.

The tag team match promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable event, as former opponents come together to create dynamic teams and bring a WWE-style twist to the ring. The combination of boxing and WWE elements is sure to create a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, and fans can expect to see more innovative concepts in the future from Misfits x DAZN.

This event is not to be missed by fans of boxing and WWE alike. The "Tag Team Boxing" match is set to bring a new level of excitement to the sport, and fans can expect to see boxers push their limits and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. So don't miss your chance to witness history in the making and be a part of the first ever "Tag Team Boxing" event!


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