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Boxing has changed.

In the past 4 years we have seen a dramatic change in boxing. You now see popular YouTubers pulling more ratings and selling more PPV buys than some of the best boxers today. The perfect examples are the Davis v.s Garcia and Haney v.s Loma fights. Haney and Lomas fight had alot more quality and it was an all out war and with very little PPV buys, with only 130,000 buys. Now look at 1,300,000 PPV buys from the Davis v.s Garcia fight. Now it was a good fight on paper which boxing fans did want to see but , lets be honest Ryan Garcia is very popular on social media and I really believe that helped even more sell the fight. Another example that popularity is helping more than skill to pull millions in each fight, look at Jake Paul and his last fight with Fury. That fight did very well in PPV just like all of Jake Paul's fights. Love him or hate him the guy knows how to sell, and with millions as his fan base he is guaranteed to sell alot. So I believe we will see alot of more changes in boxing, we also now see popular mma fighter coming to boxing. As a fighter Im happy boxing is getting popular again but for the naysayer's they will have to get used to this new boxing era where a YouTuber can sell more than a P4P fighter.


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