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Brian Ortega Fires Back: Vows to Dominate UFC Contenders if Ilia Topuria Shuns Title Challengers

Brian Ortega eyes another title shot
Former title challenger Brian Ortega

In the lead-up to UFC 298's featherweight title clash between Alexander Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria, Brian Ortega has issued a stern warning to the rising contender: If Topuria refuses to grant title shots to the likes of Ortega, Max Holloway, or Yair Rodriguez, then Ortega will make it his mission to decimate all potential contenders in the division.

Ortega, who is set to rematch Rodriguez in a UFC Fight Night co-headliner, expressed his determination to ensure that Topuria has no one left to fight if he becomes champion. 

"You have to win the belt for that to happen," Ortega emphasized. "Then I’m going to make sure I ruin every contender – simple as that."

Drawing from his own experience as a rising undefeated contender, Ortega understands the challenges Topuria faces. Despite his impressive performances en route to his first title shot, Ortega fell short against both Holloway and Volkanovski. He believes Topuria will encounter a different level of competition against Volkanovski but acknowledges Topuria's skill set.

Ortega acknowledges Topuria's technical prowess but believes champions like Volkanovski possess a unique level of strategic acumen. 

"You have someone who’s confident, someone who is ready as if he’s already the champ and defended it three times. And then you have the guy who has actually been at the top of the mountain and is just kicking everyone down," Ortega explained.

As UFC 298 approaches, fight fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of the Volkanovski vs. Topuria showdown, recognizing the high stakes and potential implications for the featherweight division. With Ortega's bold declaration, the landscape of the division could undergo a significant shift depending on the outcome of the championship bout.


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