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Bud Light returns as UFC’s official beer partner

UFC officials announced on Tuesday that Bud Light will be the official beer of the MMA promotion for a multi-year deal reportedly worth over $100 million.

“Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch were our first beer sponsors more than 15 years ago,” UFC CEO Dana White said in a press release. “I’m happy to say we are back in business together. I chose them because we share the same core values and vision for the UFC brand. I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together in the future.”

Bud Light was one of the first major brands to support the UFC when it signed a multi-year deal in 2008. The partnership lasted until 2019, when the UFC switched to Modelo as its primary beer sponsor. Now Bud Light is back for a six-year deal, starting from January.

The deal comes at a time when Bud Light has faced controversy and financial losses after partnering with transgender activist and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, which angered conservatives who boycotted the beer. Bud Light also faced criticism for not supporting Mulvaney when she was harassed online with transphobic comments.

Bud Light sales suffered before the company announced that it would focus its marketing on sports and music.

By partnering with the UFC, Bud Light hopes to regain its popularity, especially among the young audience that the MMA promotion attracts.


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