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Cage Warriors 137 results: Joel Kouadja vs. Matthew Bonner, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Updated: May 28, 2022

The Cage Warriors Fighting Championship event will return to the charter hall of Colchester, England with full action.

Joel Kouadja will take on Matthew Bonner in the main event of the Cage Warriors 137 on Friday, May 27, 2022. This fight will be in 3 rounds.

Joel Kouadja vs. Matthew Bonner preview

Bonner is a former CWFC middleweight champion but lost his title last December. "The Best" is 5-1 in its latest outing, which includes victories over former division champions Nathias Frederick and James Webb. Bonner looked good on the scales as he recorded 5 175.3, well below the 7 177 contract catch weight limit. Former 185-pound title holder Matthew Bonner (11-7-1, 8-5-1 CW) will try to add another victory to his record.

As far as Kwadja is concerned, he started his MMA career with a terrific record of 1-8. However, since then he has rebounded well. Hatch Academy standout Joel Quadja (7-7, 0-0 CW) will make his promotional debut in a thrilling six-bout win. The French eliminated all their latest opponents within distance. Kwadja hit the scales at 176.9 pounds.

In the co-host event, the two promoters will clash to impress newcomers to the UK as Bogdan blows the horn with Barbo Dawn Davis. Barbo (17-12, 0-0 CW) is winning a unanimous decision against Cipian Maris in RXF 40, while Duijs (7-1, 0-0 CW) beat Omer Cankardesler naked behind the second round in the fair. Submitted through the square. FC 11. This fight seems to be much closer to the difficulties that appear on paper.

Cage Warriors 137: on Friday 27th May 2022 at Charter Hall in Colchester. This Event will air live on UFC Fight Pass on Friday,

Just a day before the fight show, the players stepped on the scales to make it official. And below you can see today's weight results !

Cage Warriors 137 Weigh-in Results:

  • Joel Kouadja (176.9) vs. Matthew Bonner (175.3)

  • Bogdan Barbu (135.9) vs. Daan Duijs (134.8)

  • Adam Cullen (155.3) vs. Arnaud Kherfallah (154.8)

  • Benoit Blanc (124.9) vs. Tanio Pagliariccio (125.9)

  • Shoaib Yousaf (149.6) vs. Michal Folc (148.8)

  • Jack Dedames (171) vs. Omran Chaaban (170.8)


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