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Cain Velasquez attempted murder trial postponed again

The trial date for attempted murder charges against the former heavyweight champion of the UFC, Cain Velasquez, in Santa Clara County, California, has been postponed once more at his request.

Judge Panteha Saban granted Renee Hessling's request on Wednesday while also giving the prosecution consideration. The next hearing is scheduled for August 2. This is the third request for a trial date postponement.

The 40-year-old former fighter is accused of chasing Harry Goularte, who is accused of abusing Velasquez's son in a creche operated by his mother, on an 11-mile high-speed chase back in February. Goularte is the subject of many charges.

Velasquez is accused of pursuing the car while erratically shooting his.40 caliber weapon.

In the end, the purported attack resulted in a gunshot striking Goularte's stepfather Paul Bender, who was hurt but not seriously.


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